"Game On 9" Rocket League Grand Finals

Rocket League Winners with members from Mile High eSports and 9News Recap: Check out the "Game on 9" Rocket League finalé with play-by-play commentary from 9News's Jeremy Jojola and Mile High eSports CEO Ryan Barr.

After a successful Rocket League Grand Finalé at Denver's 1Up on Colfax, we would like to extend a huge "thank you" to both the venue and to Jeremy Jojola and his team from 9News for helping make the event a success. We would also like to thank -- and congratulate -- the finalists, Smgschwind (Twitter, Twitch) and LilJess13 (Facebook, Twitch) for participating.

After two games full of stunning aerials, masterful control, and unbelievable saves, LilJess13 walked away with the trophy. And while the scores suggest a blowout (7-3 and 8-2 respectively), his win did not come easily. Smgschwind battled for each point with skill and determination every second of both games. Yet, what was most impressive -- at least for this eSports enthusiast -- was both players' professionalism.

As many readers know, eSports tournaments can be an unpredictable affair. We at Mile High eSports strive to provide an experience that is consistent and superior. This tournament is a testament to the fact that it takes good partners and top-notch contestants to make that happen, and we welcome the opportunity to work with 9News in the future.

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