A Look Back and a Roadmap

Mile High eSports was founded just under a year ago with one goal: help grow the eSports community within our city and fill a void we felt existed. To accomplish this, we set out to engineer applications, develop social platforms, build strong relationships with major brands, and to run a minor event.

Reinventing Registration with SeatArena

We knew we needed to have a solid footing the moment we started accepting registrations for our first major event. While there are plenty of platforms which allow organizers to sell tickets and collect information from attendees, they often come at a significant percentage-based cost. We cut our costs by over half by engineering a registration solution that tailored to tournament organizers and attendees, not just the latter. We have since taken SeatArena offline to apply some improvements and rework some functionality before launching it again publicly.

Onslaught: An Event for Aspiring Teams

SeatArena allowed us to accept registrations and payments for our first event: Onslaught. After going on a wait list for the 16-team tournament within only three days, we spent the time after registration building a professional experience for players aspiring to play on a big stage. We set our goals high and a bit beyond realistic.

Not only did we deliver an event beyond players' expectations, we crushed our own goals and set a precedent for what a Minor Event should be.

Building Meaningful Relationships

Through our first event, we needed to build relationships that were backed with value. These connections needed to be made with players in the community, brands in the scene, and other key players in event organization. We've started to grow our social presence to help connect us with the larger community. To date, we have built relationships with brands such as Monster Energy, DXRacer, AZIO, and others. Finally, we've been working behind-the-scenes with a number of organizations in the event space to work together to build events in the future.

Heading Into 2017

Goals are a critical tool in not only driving success, but measuring it once time has passed. We have many exciting opportunities and ideas for the year ahead. Today, we would like to share some of those with you.

Changes in Leadership

Effective immediately, Joel Velarde will be acting as Chief Operations Officer of Mile High eSports. As a key contributor in his previous Director role, Joel has shown his commitment to our team and to the global community through his internal efforts and those on ventures such as Onslaught.

As a result of Joel moving into the COO role, Ryan Barr will be moving out of said position and will be acting as Chief Executive Officer going forward. Ryan is one of the founders of Mile High eSports and has been focused on its scaling and success since inception.

Which brings us to more difficult news. Thomas Masur will be leaving Mile High eSports as he has received an opportunity with an unrelated venture. We're incredibly thankful for the support, passion, and energy Thomas has poured into our team and vision. We know how much this community has meant to him and how difficult this decision was. We look forward to opportunities in the future to work with him once again.

Growing Our Team

We are now at the stages where we need individuals who play important roles in day-to-day operations. While we'll still be relying heavily on volunteer support for upcoming events, we have made accommodations to bring new members on board to help us effectively scale our operation.

Expect team additions to be announced in the near future and as they continue to develop.

Delivering High Quality Events

Our main focus and theme throughout the course of the year will be building event brands under our own umbrella as well as working with known industry leaders to help them grow. While we've had a focus on Counter-Strike in the past, we aim to expand into various other titles across multiple platforms by years-end.

As we continue to engineer new online applications, we also wish to provide online competitive gaming experiences tailored to specific local regions and markets. We'll be working diligently to determine the best course of action to provide a memorable online experience to our fans, new and old.

As a team, we're incredibly excited for the year ahead and the opportunities that have shown themselves. We look forward to sharing more specific details about our growing team, events, and goals.

If you haven't already, please be sure to support us by interacting with our social media accounts as this is a direct way to help us grow.
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