Hooked eSports CS:GO Team Invited to ESEA Main

Everyone knows that hard work pays off, and nothing could be more true for the players on Hooked eSports' CS:GO team. The team's strong showing in their first season in ESEA Open Season 25 has earned them an invitation to ESEA Main for Season 26.

Hooked eSports, a Mile High eSports team, was formed back in April of 2017. Hooked embodies our vision through their dedication to both competition and community. From the initial rounds of the ESEA playoffs back in early August to the more recent 5k NovaStar event in Kansas City, Hooked players have positioned themselves with respect and professionalism. We're very proud of their success.

Keep up with Hooked eSports through their website, on Twitter, via their Facebook page, or over their Twitch stream.

Go Hooked!