Introducing Hooked eSports

Hooked eSports Today I have the pleasure of announcing Hooked eSports, a brand new competitive team and gaming community brand. This brand is a Mile High eSports' community-focused venture and will allow us to develop and support a large group of passionate streamers, players, and fans in new ways.

I would like to invite you to join our community Discord, follow us on Twitter, and to like us on Facebook.

The Mile High eSports Executive Team spent months planning an approach to community development and competitive gaming, and we strongly believe our Hooked eSports management team will help us accomplish our goals. In regards to our global community and our competitive teams, our team said this:

Hooked eSports plans to recruit teams across multiple games, both competitively and casually. Our goal is to help mold our competitive teams from a semi-pro level to the top echelon of the competitive scene, while also building a solid community foundation for each game genre through casual game play. Each team from competitive to casual will have full support from our management team and will be guided through a step by step process on becoming successful within the community.

Sean Powell, Team Manager

We're a collective of liked minded individuals who have come together with the same values and goals for the eSports scene. Hooked eSports will provide much needed unity between casual and competitive players across the world and be rooted behind a strong gaming background and community. We are here to compete at professional and semi-pro levels, but we are also here for the casual gamer who just wants a place to call home and have fun with their peers. The Hooked eSports staff has a history of giving back to the community and we will continue to support those endeavors in any way possible. We are not just an organization; we want our players and fans to feel like this community is an extension of themselves and what they have built.

Patrick Powell, General Manager

We look forward to embarking on this exciting opportunity with the community and hope to see you all in Discord!

Ryan Barr
Chief Executive Officer
Mile High eSports