The Road to DreamHack

DreamHack Atlanta is fast approaching. We posted about our partnership back in May (including a promo code to get 20% off tickets for DreamHack Atlanta and Denver), and now we're announcing another chance to get you there: The Road to DreamHack.

We understand that, for a lot of gamers, organizing a trip to an event that's hundreds of miles away is not only daunting, but also financially stressful. Between plane tickets, hotel rooms, not to mention the registration--the cost can become a bit of a burden. The Road to DreamHack, at its simplest, is a series of online tournaments run by various teams, including Mile High eSports. Yet unlike other tourneys with a simple cash prize package, this series has a specific goal: DreamHack Atlanta.

Sign up to compete in the first Qualifier by visiting the tournament Battlefy event page.

As with all events we manage, our goal is to aim for high quality competition as well as consistent, top-tier production. Fans can watch the tournament action, or check out recent broadcasts on our Twitch channel. Don't forget to find us on Twitter and Facebook, too.