eSports Writers Wanted!

Here's the gist of it: we're looking for a few talented writers to cover goings-on in the eSports industry. Articles will be published here, on the Mile High eSports blog. This is a good opportunity to get visibility and recognition for your work.

In our effort to increase engagement with our community -- which is business speak for "doing cool things for cool people" -- it has become clear that we need help getting topical information out into the world in a timely manner. There are only a few of us here at Mile High eSports, and by the time we get around to covering an event or game, it's often already a month old. Not exactly timely.

We need writers who have a little spare time and would like to jot down a few paragraphs a week. Specifically, we'd like someone who can write about CS:GO, Hearthstone, and PUBG. However, if you have a passion for another area of eSports, we'd love to hear from you.

Email two of your most recent pieces of writing to It can be something published elsewhere, something from your blog, or even just a piece you've kept to yourself. Also, feel free to email us even if you just have a question or would like more information.